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About Rohini

Rohini Bedi, the force behind Fashion By Rohini is a couturier, fashion influencer and the most acclaimed name in promoting high-end couture out of India in America. A leading light in couture in California, Rohini Bedi believes that your passion and skills can take you places, all you need is a little courage to take that leap of faith. More than 20 years ago when she enjoyed all the limelight and success in New Delhi, India, as a successful Fashion Designer she decided to move to LA owing to the tremendous progress and customer satisfaction she received from her clients here in the US. It was a very brave move, and since then she has never looked back. Many of us know Rohini for her boutique which is in Artesia, but what we don't know is that before she started her store in La, she has sold her designs in more than 20 stores all over India, her labels were present in stores like Ogaan,Heritage,Designer studio Bombay and many more high end stores,not only that she has largely contributed to the styling Industry for campaigns and ad films that's when the bug of styling caught her and has never left her since then. More than designing collections she enjoys designing individual pieces for her clients. Her pride lies in the aura she creates for her clients via her designs.

Her brides are the living testimonies of her flawless designs, she is the ultimate Fairy God Mother for every Bride to be, she carefully designs the outfits for her brides by curating an ensemble with the desired design. She showcases her designs on a storyboard for the bride with a sketch, swatches of the fabric with the desired detail and sparkle of her magical vision. To adorn yourself in an outfit of your dreams, which is timeless, head over to fashion by Rohini to experience the charm of her magical wand. Giving undivided attention to her clients she meets them by appointment only.

Getting on with the trend of Trunk shows, she curates pop-up shows throughout the year at various locations. Her pop-up shows have graced destinations like Newyork, London, Dubai, Singapore and LA. She comes up with Designer Shows and meetups in La almost every other month owing to the location she is based in.


Brand Story

Rohini Bedi has managed to stay prevalent in the fashion industry for more than 20 years now. Opening her store in LA has been one of the many milestones of success in her career, it is said it is easier to start a brand but what is difficult is to sustain the brand and she has managed to do so for over 2 decades now. Fashion by Rohini is a fashion house that not only houses outfits designed by Rohini Bedi but also many other esteemed designer labels, like Rohit Bahl, Tarun Tahilianai, Rabani and Rakha, Anita dongre to name a few. Rohini the magician behind the most extravagant and innovative designs takes pride in her brides, the bride tribe trusts her with her vision to which she never fails to surprise in the best way possible.


Her achievements have been captured and published in many esteemed newspapers, magazines and online portals, few of which are Times of India, Cityplus, Hindustan Times E-paper, Delhi Times, The premier South Asian Wedding and Fashion Magazine, Royal Fables. She has also been featured in Orange Coast magazine, India west, India post, India journal and Showbiz tv shows.

Rohini Bedi's achievements have been acknowledged by the following awards:

California legislature certificate for outstanding commitment to the Indo-American community, Beverly Hills for contribution in the field of fashion for more than 3 years, Certificate of Congressional Recognition, ACMA for excellence in Cultural Awareness


Client Satisfaction

We understand how difficult it can be to trust someone with the responsibility to design an outfit of your dreams, whether you are the bride or the mother of the bride, a guest in attendance or a groom who wants to look best on his special day. We make sure we deliver our best. To view the testimonials of the former brides and existing clients. Click on this page.

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